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MORAVIAN-SILESIAN ENERGY CENTRE, a state-funded organization

Its main purpose is to provide expert advice in the field of energy, energy services, energy management, and the development of a “smart region” or the needs of Moravia-Silesia and its state-funded organizations, the preparation of a strategy for the Moravian-Silesian Region within the “Platform for Coal Regions in Transition” project, ensuring the development of clean mobility in the Moravian-Silesian Region, as well as providing advisory and consulting services for municipalities and the public in the area of energy saving.

Solární elektrárna


Through our activities, we contribute to addressing the challenges in the field of energy that the Moravian-Silesian Region (hereinafter referred to as MSK), as a coal region in transition, faces. It is necessary to save, monitor, and make room for renewable energy sources. We are dealing with this issue for more than 1200 buildings owned by the regional council. With our organizational structure and personnel, we cover the entire spectrum of activities, from strategic and expert topics in the field of energy, to the preparation and management of projects. Another key activity of the Moravian-Silesian Energy Centre (hereinafter MEC) is the preparation of strategic studies, through which we aim to help address the future of our citizens in MSK, especially in terms of ensuring the security and reliability of energy supplies, preventing energy poverty, and improving the quality of the environment. We emphasize a combination of advisory services, education, and awareness to fulfill the transformation goals of MSK, which can only be achieved through a systemic approach and long-term collaboration with stakeholders.

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